A Spooky Movie for Halloween πŸŽƒ

To me a spooky movie is not a scary movie or a horror movie. I can’t watch those. But I do enjoy something spooky. So in honor of Halloween and to continue my movie theme, I have chosen my favorite spooky movie to share with you. (No top five this time.)

The Uninvited (1944)

Ray Milland, Ruth Hussey, Donald Crisp and Gail Russell star in this spooky film mislabeled as a horror story. And no, it is not about World War II, though it was made during the war. You could say the setting plays a major character. An abandoned house built on the cliffs of Cornwall, England, overlooking the sea, provides an atmosphere filled with mystery and danger.

Milland and Hussey, brother and sister, purchase the house and learn it has a past. Soon after moving in, the two experience strange and frightening happenings such as unexpected chills and a woman sobbing in the night. Russell is drawn to the house where she lived as a child and where her mother died even though her grandfather has forbidden her to go there. To discover the identity of the sobbing woman Milland and Hussey hold a sΓ©ance. As a result Russell becomes possessed by the spirt or ghost. At the end all is explained but it’s a dangerous journey to solve the mystery and reveal the truth.

Another spooky movie that I like is Rebecca (1940). It stars Lawrence Olivier and Joan Fontaine and is directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Again, the house or mansion overlooking the sea sets the stage for mysterious goings-on. They call it a romantic psychological thriller. It is fascinating but it’s not quite as spooky as the ghost in The Uninvited.

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